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Welcome to the New Direct Download feature of Electrobuzz. Here you can purchase your direct access to all Electrobuzz' file posts since 2009. By choosing 1,3,6, or 12 months plan.The file base is updated automatically with each new release that is being posted at our site on a daily basis. In this way you will get quick,easy and safe access to your favorite electrobuzz' releases.The releases will be available to you at any time,organized in separate folders for swift browsing. We hope you will enjoy your new experience with the Direct Download Feature! Below are some of the benefits that you are getting with the Direct Downloads.

13 Reasons that will make you love electrobuzz' direct downloads :

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For those DJs and music lovers that have hectic daily schedules and not enough time to spend looking for the daily basic or older releases, the Direct Downloads is the most appropriate tool that will assist them in getting all wanted releases at once with a simple drag and drop feature! For example,when you connect via FTP client or simple web interface,you see the maps divided by years/months/date. When you chose the year you want to download your music from,the next map is showing you the months.Once you've selected your month,you click on the specific date! Now,with simple drag and drop you can download the whole year or the whole month or the whole date! It is simple as that!

Music Upto Date
Direct Downloads
$ 21.95
0.73 cents/day
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Direct Downloads
$ 59.95
Save 7$
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Direct Downloads
$ 115.95
Save 16$
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Direct Downloads
$ 180.95
SAVE 72 $
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Q. Is it safe to purchase Premium account?
A. Absolutely. When you purchase a premium account you make payments online via billing's web-site through SSL connection, PayPal is the most secure way of payments online which ensures 100% safety and security of your payment information.

Q. Are there any long term contracts or subscriptions?
A. No. Canceling your subscription will result in you being billed for the current period, but you won't be billed again. Electrobuzz' Direct Downloads is a pay-as-you-go service. This means there are no long term contracts and you're able to cancel your subscription anytime.

Q. How can i use the FTP downloads?
A. Its very easy and simple, download your favorite FTP client and install it to your machine. After with your private login credentials you can login and access on server.

Q. How can i use the WEB interface ?
A. You visit our WEB interface page and you login again using your private login credentials. After you can listen your favorite track or search your favorite artist and download

Q. How much can I download?
No limits. You get unlimited download speed and bandwidth.

Electrobuzz Direct Downloads Access

Don’t hesitate to review Electrobuzz offer for DJs and music lovers to get a complete experience of music source. Having up to 6GB of fresh music available to you daily ,your music library will surely be better than others!