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M A N I K returns to Ovum with House Cut 1 EP. A long-standing veteran of Josh Winks Ovum imprint, the House Cut 1 EP marks MANIKs fourth offering to the label and maintains the high quality weve come to expect from an artist who is comfortably at the top of his game right now.True to its name, the EP consists of a trio of raw, chunky, house-influenced cuts which vary in style and function. The title track itself lures the listener in with bubbling synths floating over a clipped 4×4 beat, before giving way to a hectic salvo of staccato clap rushes and ride cymbals.


M A N I K – House Cut 1 EP

Huge Support from The Juan Maclean, Josh Wink, Huxley, Catz ‘n Dogz, Till Von Sein, Danny Daze, Martin Landsky, Lee Burridge, Mr. G and many more.

Nothing Better rolls along with a propulsive, tech-house whomp, with shimmering chords building up to usher in what can only be described as a thunderous bassline. As the track progresses, hints of acid-flecked goodness converge with 808 cowbells and hi-hats to create a peak-time dancefloor monster. The EP closes on a more melodic tip with Finch, with a rumbling analogue bass cutting a swathe through hypnotic latticework of arpeggiated synths and orbiting claps. An atmospheric finish to an extremely versatile EP; theres undoubtedly something for everyone in this package.

Artist M A N I K
Title House Cut 1 EP
Genre Deep House
Label Ovum Recordings
Catalog No OVM233
Released 2013
MP3 Download Source WEB
MP3 Size 48.88 Mb
Play Time 20:20 min
Total Tracks. 3
Bitrate 320 kbps

1. Finch (Original Mix) [ 7:35] 2. House Cut 1 (Original Mix) [ 6:27] 3. Nothing Better (Original Mix) [ 6:18]

Total Playtime: 20:20 min

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