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Soul Button Sonar Off Chart

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Artist: VA
Title: Soul Button Sonar Off Chart
Genre: Deep House
Label:: Djs Chart
Cat.nr: N/A
Bitrate: 320 kbps avg / 44.1KHz / Full Stereo
Digital Released: 2013
Size: 170.23Mb

01. Soul Button – In My Stride feat Stee Downes 6:44
02. Climbers – Left Your Love feat Yasmine Azaiez (Barber Remix) 6:39
03. Adapter, Matteo Gamba – Rest In Peace (Yvan Genkins Remix) 6:50
04. Raha, Anthony Mea – Be Alone (Anturage Remix) 6:25
05. Pete Oak feat. Natalie Conway – Come In (Original Mix) 6:17
06. Ri9or – Large House Of Cards (Original Mix) 6:54
07. Davide, Mendoza, Kilian feat Laurid – Can’t Take The Heat Feat. Laurid 6:38
(Original Mix)
08. S.K.A.M. – Force Majeure (Original Mix) 7:37
09. Elke Ecstatics – Another Face (Original Promo Mix) 8:36
10. Rebeat ft. Shirley Bassey – If You Go Away (Original Mix) 7:42

Total Playtime: 70:22 min

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